POETRY AND ESSAYS To answer the question, "Which book should I read first?", best to read them in sequence: 1) Walk Like the Queen You Have Forgotten You Are, 2) Why Did I Choose This Game? and 3) Notes on the Supreme Intellectual Shell-Game of Our Time.

walk like the queen you have forgotten you are

Walk Like the Queen You Have Forgotten You Are

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NEW! A collection of mini essays and notes:

A response to the rise in pink-supremacist thought, aka "white nationalism."

"I am neither a scientist nor a scholar. I am just trying to understand how a small percentage of humanity achieved and maintains global domination by inhumane behaviors, without remorse."

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Aboard the subway, right across from me
a little brother near his brother sat,
speaking with sparkling, color, wiggling light —
a butterfly I saw. I thought “He is,
as children are, we all were butterflies.”

Like as we left our childhood-selves behind,
the butterflies were caterpillars once;
long caterpillars fringed and colorful,
who spotted, striped, with horns and many feet
did eat and eat and eat and eat and eat,
then fold themselves within their special leaves
to die, to be remixed and then to bloom
with angel wings to meet the flowers where they grow.

We start as children like the butterflies;
we speak and sparkle color, wiggling light,
and grow and grow and somehow, in a dream,
we fold ourselves within our knowing how,
our doing things as we are meant to do;
to die, to be remixed, to lose our wings —
come forth as grown-ups, caterpillar-souled —
we creep the earth to forage for our daily bread.

Does there lie slumbering in our DNA
a hopeful resurrection seed with dreams
of waking with a kiss — a charge, a chance —
a chance of second metamorphosis
to lift us from our caterpillar selves,
to grow us sovereign wings to meet God where God lives?