As we have seen, the immense continent of Africa, unknown and unexplored until relatively recent times, and not wholly known or explored even to-day, is, with exception of an insignificant portion of territory, now entirely dominated by various European Powers. It may, indeed, almost be said that African history begins with European domination…”

Thus ends “The Story of Africa”, a small volume from the Britannica Home University, published circa 1924, by Twenty-eight Authorities, from their articles in the Encyclopaedia Britannica. It also notes “...for over three centuries...the different European nations explored, settled, and fought fierce wars for the possession of America...”

Modern Europe and the USA have been brought to you by centuries of genocidal pillaging of the Americas and the holocaust of the African slave trade.

Looking back, our European friends were really bad neighbors. They sailed to other lands where they were welcomed and treated with hospitality. They repaid this generosity by stealing those other lands and enslaving the people. Trade wasn’t good enough; they had to have it all. “Within a single generation the whole continent [Africa] was explored, colonized and appropriated.” ibid.

Now they could finance a tremendous upgrade in their standard of living, finance the great blossoming of the arts, while declaring themselves the moral and intellectual superiors of the people they crushed – crushed not by superior courage nor nobility of purpose, but by more developed weaponry and hearts where love of profit loosened the constraints of conscience and right feeling.

Let’s face it. When the Europeans wanted what belonged to someone else they took it, then concocted a way to blame their victims. They could point to the smoking ruins of other peoples’ cultures and declare that they were savages, they were less than human, they were monkeys with no history. To quote once again the great Encyclopaedia Britannica, “, so far as its native populations are concerned, a continent without a history, and possesses no records from which a history may be constructed. The negro is essentially the child of the moment; and his memory, both tribal and individual, is very short.”

And so you see it.

In the sanitized light of this boundless tragedy whose consequences still reverberate today, under-girding the modern western world, hoodwinked dupes wear swastikas, carry confederate flags, sing the love of guns and declare themselves superior human beings while they spit in other people’s food. Collectively, Pink people have a dependency. "Whiteness" is their drug of choice. It disorders the mind.

If they truly, deep-down believed that “white” skin marks their innate superiority they would not work so hard to look tanned and albinos would be exalted. So what is this really about?

It is a centuries old scam to maintain the edifice of privileged dominance of Pink people over Brown by indoctrinating everyone, those on top as well as those at the bottom, that the edifice is not only just, it is ordained by God and must be upheld, even by ungodly means. This profitable scam was further given the imprimatur of Science only a couple of centuries ago by racist scholars in Germany and England, and their “intellectual” heirs pop up every so often even today. So what can we do?

Maybe start small. If only we could remember to refer to color differences among people as Pink and Brown to decouple from human bodies the loaded symbolisms of White and Black which in the western world are inherently hierarchical, with white/godliness/cleanliness at the top and black/evil/dirty at the bottom. This would be truer to the chromatic realities of human skin. If we do not decouple the symbolisms of Black and White from the realities of human bodies, we will never deconstruct the horrid edifice of race hatred and exploitation that has proved so profitable to the few at the expense of so many. And who will take up arms under a pink banner?

As I said elsewhere, I fear the day will come when the few who have taken everything will rely on the kindness of the many whom they have despoiled. At which time we can only pray that the latter show a largeness of spirit that has eluded the former.

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