Image of author as child

COMING OCTOBER 31!  E-Book version of "WHY DID I CHOOSE THIS GAME? And Other Insolent Assays" by Robin A Smith

A collection of musings about an assortment of subjects in verse and essay form. I use the word "Insolent" in the subtitle to give fair warning to the prospective buyer. It is a euphemism, but many will know whereof I speak.

Several of the pieces in this little book examine violence, from the banal to the deadly; and the paradox of people who believe they are entitled to win but deep-down don’t believe they are good enough to win fairly.

In other words, America, as seen through the eyes of a member of the “out-group”: the author of “WALK LIKE THE QUEEN YOU HAVE FORGOTTEN YOU ARE”, for which this volume can be seen as a companion.